Fes Festival Tour

Bab-Makina-Fes-Festival-Of-Sacred-Music-Whirling-Dervishes sufi-dancing


The ocean can be yours; why should you stop

Beguiled by dreams of evanescent dew?

The secrets of the sun are yours, but you

Content yourself with motes trapped in beams.

  The Conference of the Birds.

Art and music lovers, artists, musicians, writers, photographers, travellers and lovers of life,

Join us for an unforgettable journey to Morocco, an experience of a lifetime.

“The theme of the 2014 Fes Festival of World Sacred Music The Conference of the Birds, is an epic poem of approximately 4500 lines written in Persian by the poet Farid ud-Din Attar finished around 1177. It is a Sufi allegorical poem that tells the story of the quest for a king undertaken by the birds of the world. It also describes the Sufi path to enlightenment.”

The festival takes place every year in Fes, Morocco. It was founded to bring people of different cultures and faiths together in a context of world sacred music and art. This year, Zakir Hussain will also be performing! The 2014 Fes Festival starts on June 13 and ends June 21.

You will be inspired by the theme: The Conference of the Birds and the myriad concerts and performances in different historical venues not to mention the local architecture, the friendly people and exquisite crafts and textiles.

We will spend most of our time in Fes of course and the rest along the coast and Atlas mountains for a splendid journey.

The tour will be 15 nights in total in Morocco; it includes accomodation, all transfers, breakfast daily and some meals, sightseeing and a full pass to all festival concerts and events. It will be escorted by myself and an English-speaking guide.

Organized in partnership with HSK TRAVEL SPECIALISTS INC.

To join the tour, please email me at Rubina@RubinaRajan.ca or call at 604.771.6701. It will be a small group so there is limited space.